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We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service. Our main task is to meet the expectations of each client. Our goal is to surpass them.


Premier Realty provides an excellent service to its clients. Luxury segment buyers expect and deserve the absolute attention of their real estate agent, as luxury real estate transactions require special treatment and attention to details.



How may we be of service?

Representing the Buyer

With extensive experience in property development, architecture, finance and real estate, our agents ensure a seamless buying process and strive to find the perfect home or rental property at the best price. Our team is hardworking and diligent, we adhere to the philosophy that customer's satisfaction is the key to success. Our commitment to acting honestly, with integrity, and always in the best interests of our clients, is at the heart of everything we do.

Representing the Seller

Finding a reliable property sales consultant is not an easy task. Our agents are all qualified professionals with 16 years of experience in the elite real estate market in Kiev. The Premier Realty team provides a wide range of advisory services to meet the needs of all types of sellers. We develop a special program for each of them when evaluating the property. Our experience in marketing allows you to sell your property at the highest possible price. We strive to achieve maximum value for our clients through skillful negotiation, dispute resolution skills and innovative marketing approaches.

Legal support

Experts of the legal department of Premier Realty provide comprehensive legal support for transactions and investment projects of any complexity along with professional advice on taxation issues. During financial instability, cases of fraud in transactions with property are becoming more frequent. Such frauds might include: hiding from the buyer the fact that the property is in a mortgage, pledge, under arrest, etc. We will consider all the risks that the property object might have, carry out the necessary check-ups, advise on ways to optimize the taxation of payments under the transaction, and so on. Corporate clients can be provided with consulting services on real estate sale schemes, minimization of legal risks and individual features of the project. We also develop contracts for sale, lease, sublease, mortgage, property management, including contracts for non-standard transactions. We always approach problems with a proactive, hands-on approach, offering valuable guidance and advice.

Financial support

In the financial sector, we ensure the participation of legal entities in investment projects, provide advice on raising funds and distributing cash flows. Thanks to a thorough project assessment, we find the right solutions in all financial aspects of buying/selling your property. We want to achieve the best results for you and help you take the right action.

Market analysis and research

Premier Realty's market research and analysis specialists are actively studying the dynamics and trends in the luxury real estate market. We prepare annual and quarterly reports that analyze the market for premium apartments and houses, as well as country houses and cottages. Our specialist will help you with any research you need regarding the property, including advising you on he best use of resulting reports.

Investment planning

Investing comes with risks and rewards - and as a general rule, the higher the risk, the more likely it is to make a significant profit or loss on the invested capital. To achieve higher returns, you need to take on more investment risk. In the realm of private property ownership, the fact that we are buying physical real estate gives many investors a certain level of comfort. However, investing comes with many unforeseen situations. Our team of professionals consists of leading home buying/selling experts with years of experience in various industries, including investment planning. We are engaged in legal and financial evaluation of investment projects, risk analysis, development of business plans. We use the deep knowledge of our team to offer you the best option with minimal risk.

Considering selling or leasing?

Are you looking for a real estate expert to list your property on the market?

Our agents will help you sell / rent your property most efficiently and profitably with the maximum benefit for you. We have a large client database, which allows you to present your real estate property to a wide audience. The advice of our experts will help you properly evaluate your property, select the right photos and present your ad in a professional manner. We will do our best to sell / lease your property in timely manner.


Our team

Nataliya Lukyanova has been working in premium residential and commercial real estate for over 16 years. She knows all the subtleties and peculiarities of real estate purchase/rental  process in Luxury sector.

Nataliya Lukyanova

Managing partner

20 years of experience in large foreign corporations including 17+ years in financial markets. Has a huge expertise in project management and investment.

Anna Sapuntsova

Business Development partner

More than 10 years of experience in Internet marketing and PR (leadership positions - the founder of Madency digital agency). Expertise in SEO, PR, copywriting.

Vitalii Melnyk

Internet marketing manager

He is one of the five best lawyers in Ukraine in criminal law according to the version of the Legal Practice publication.

Key practices: tax law, transfer pricing, litigation.

Artem Sereda

Lawyer / Solicitor

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